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Flowall Totem®

The Flowall kit

Kit mur végétal intérieur


Plantation pour mur végétal d'intérieur

Installation advices

Conseils de pose pour la conféction de votre mur végétal


Les végétaux de votre mur végétal

The frame

Cadre Flowall pour tableau végétal
The Flowall frame turns the kit into a genuine living piece of art.
Conceived to simplify the installation and the upkeep of a vertical garden. It can be mounted on the wall in only few minutes.
The choice of plants is as important as the place the Flowall kit will be installed (brightest place of the house).
Choose a bright place. Temperature, humidity and light have to be taken into account when you choose your plants.
In general, small indoor plants fit perfectly in Flowall vertical gardens.
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