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The company WATTELEZ is a SAS (a French limited joint-stock company) with a registered capital of 204.480 . Its legal address is:

25 Rue Charles Edouard Jeanneret
Tel: 01 30 74 02 07
Fax: 01 30 74 20 09

RCS: 785110008 SIRET: 785110000800030 Intra-EU VAT: FR92785110008 NAF: 2219Z

The company WATTELEZ could be designated herein as « us » and every other entity visiting or purchasing an object on the website as “you”.

The Terms and Conditions of Sale set out in detail below apply to all orders submitted to WATTELEZ for all its goods and services on offer on the website, except as may be otherwise agreed in writing in advance. The present general terms and conditions of sale will be systematically brought to the attention of all buyers so as to permit them to place their orders. Consequently, the placing of an order implies that the general terms and conditions of sale are accepted by the buyer in full and without reservations. The present General Terms and Conditions can be modified, the applicable terms and conditions are the one valid on the date of the order.

If you wish to receive the General Terms and Conditions by mail, please send us a request by email, phone or regular mail



Our customer service is at your disposal by phone at 0800470207 (free from France) or 0033 130749725, by post to the address given above, or by email on the website or here:


Article 2 PRICES

Our prices are indicated in Euros and include all taxes. They do not include shipping and handling costs. WATTELEZ may have reasons to modify its prices at any time.The goods remain the property of WATTELEZ until complete payment of the invoice price.

WATTELEZ may offer its customers occasional promotions. Promotions are offered for specific dates and on limited stock. WATTELEZ reserves the right to give priority treatment to orders settled by credit card, as well as to cancel orders secured by bank transfers and cheques in case the funds are not received within 72h.


Article 3 ORDERS

WATTELEZ offers its customers 2 methods of placing orders for every products proposed on the website :

By Internet, on the website, paying with credit card.

By phone or mail to the address given above, paying by cheque or bank transfer.

The orders, payments and shipping made on the website can only be delivered in metropolitan France, Corsica not included. To deliver an order in Corsica, in the French overseas administrative departments and territories and abroad, please contact our customer service by mail, phone or email. In this case, the only payments accepted are bank transfers.

In the case of orders placed within the terms of a promotion, the postmark will serve as evidence for an order sent in by mail.

The information provided by the buyer when placing an order is binding on him. In case of error or incomplete data specifying the address of the recipient, WATTELEZ cannot be held responsible for failing to execute the delivery within the time period indicated when placing the order.

Product offers are valid within the limits of available stock.

The photos of products presented on the are the most faithful reproductions possible. WATTELEZ cannot be held responsible for minor differences in the colour or the size.

WATTELEZ reserves the right to suspend or reject the order of a customer with whom there is existing litigation related to the non-payment of a previous delivery.

In case of ongoing disputes over issues other than payment, such as delays in delivery, quality of the product delivered, etc. WATTELEZ may have reason to review with the customer the conditions for processing a new order.



We can accept your order within the limits of available stock. We inform you about the availability of the products sold on the website on the information page of each product. If you choose to pay by cheque, your order will only be processed after the receipt of the cheque and the applicable delivery time start after the receipt of the cheque.

If one of the products is not available we will inform you as soon as possible.

If the product is not available in the deadline given, WATTELEZ reserves the possibility to propose you in replacement a product of similar quality and price. In this case, the return costs following the conditional use of the withdrawal right will be reimbursed. If we are not able to propose you a product of similar quality and price or if you have not accepted the replacement by a product of similar quality and price, you will be able to cancel your order.

In case of permanent unavailability, and if we cannot propose a product of similar quality and price, your order will be automatically cancelled.



After the placing of an order, the fact that is has been “validated” indicates the complete acceptance of the order, as well as the acceptance of the present general terms and conditions of sale without any reservations.

To cancel or modify an order before it is shipped, contact our customer service by phone, call 0033 130749725 or call the free number (from France) 0800 47 02 07 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The withdrawal right is applicable to every product. To exercise this right in accordance to the articles L.121-20, L.121-20-1 and L 121-20-2 of the French Consumer’s Code, please contact the customer service in advance to verify the address to be used for returns, then send us back your article(s) in its (their) original packaging within 7 days of your receiving them using the address indicated by Customer Service. Within 15 days or less, you will receive reimbursement by cheque or by bank transfer of the sum of the products purchased and the shipping costs (subject to proof of payment sent to WATTELEZ).

By a simple request submitted to our Customer Service, you can also choose to keep the amount of your order as a credit. Your request for reimbursement can only be taken into account after the articles returned have arrived at WATTELEZ and on condition on their being in a good state. Products which are sent back by the customer in incomplete, damaged or soiled condition cannot be accepted as returns.


Article 6 PAYMENT

The payment methods accepted by WATTELEZ are as follow:

By credit card or Paypal for the online purchases on the website

Advance payment by cheque or bank transfer for the purchases made by phone or mail to WATTELEZ.  

To use your credit, please give us by phone or mail the credit number written on your voucher. WATTELEZ reserves the right to refuse any voucher or gift card if they are expired.

In case of delayed payment, We are entitled to charge interest at the current legal rate applicable at the time of the payment notice.



Payments via credit card and personal data are secured by the CIC bank. 


Article 8 DELIVERY

 The delivery will be made within the deadline stated when the order is placed, by providing the goods directly to the customer. The signature of a notice of receipt by the customer can be required. For an order with a delivery address different from the invoicing address, we recommend to check in the “delivery” section the address and phone number of the contact for this delivery. In case of an incomplete address, an incorrect address, refusal of the addressee to accept the package or lack of information making it impossible to deliver the product to the recipient on time, WATTELEZ cannot be held responsible for the final quality of this delivery. If this lack of information results in a second delivery attempt to the addressee,  WATTELEZ  may request that the customer pay the expenses related to this second delivery attempt.

In case the addressee is absent at the time of delivery:

If the delivery is being carried out by the regular Post: the delivery agent will leave a note of attempted delivery in the letterbox of the addressee. The addressee should then come to collect it at the address shown on the note. If the delivery is being carried out by private transport firms: the delivery agent should contact the addressee on a portable or fixed line telephone that is confirmed by the person placing the order at the time of the order. If there is no response, the delivery agent will identify the best solution making it possible to complete the delivery in the best conditions and will leave a not of attempted delivery. 


In case the addressee is absent and the package is set aside, WATTELEZ cannot be held responsible for the final quality of the delivery if the addressee is slow to collect his package from the office concerned. Any complaint regarding the quantity, the content or the condition of the package should be notified directly to the transport firm on the delivery form and sent to us within the 7 days following the reception of the package (to the address given above, by phone or email via the contact form on the website). In case of delayed delivery in comparison to the date indicated when the order has been placed, please contact our customer service to open a delivery inquiry with the transport firm concerned. To register a complaint with the customer service, please give us your phone number and address, your invoice number or your order number, the references of the product(s) written on the invoice and precise the reasons of the complaint using the contact form available on the website or by regular mail.



Orders placed on the website can only be delivered in metropolitan France, Corsica not included, and in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and United-Kingdom. To deliver an order in Corsica, in the French overseas administrative departments and territories and other countries not listed above, please contact our customer service to have the exact cost of the delivery charges. The delivery charges are applicable only for one unit ordered and delivered, for the price of 9.50 € all tax included. For bigger orders, we offer free delivery as a discount.



You can benefit from the warranty against hidden defects. We commit ourselves to taking all the care in use in the profession for the implementation of the service offered to the customer. Nevertheless, our responsibility could not be retained in the event of failure with our contractual obligations because of a fortuitous occurrence or of a case of absolute necessity as defined by the jurisprudence pronounced by the French jurisdictions. We implement all the means We have to ensure the services, objects of these general Conditions of sale. We are responsible for any damage direct and foreseeable at the moment of the use of the site or of the conclusion of the sale contract between WATTELEZ and you. No matter the case We can’t be held responsible for losses of benefit, commercial losses, data losses or shortfall or any other indirect damage which are not predictable at the time of the use of the Site or the conclusion of the sale contract between WATTELEZ and You. The limitation of responsibility above is inapplicable in the event of fraud or gross negligence of our part, in the event of physical injuries or liability for defective products, in the event of eviction and non-compliance, including hidden defects.

Your package is only prepared on the shipping day. The Colissimo service is available only during the usual delivery times Sundays and bank holidays not included. The deliveries are done Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm, and on Saturday between 8 am and 12 am. The 48h deadline is the deadline observed when there are no perturbations on the postal network.

The products on offer conform to current French legislation.



We grant you licence limited to the access and the use of the Site for your personal use. You are in no case authorized to download or modify whole or part of this Site without Our written and express authorization. This license does not enable you in any case to use, for the sale or any other commercial use, this Site or its contents (products listed, descriptions, prices, remote loadings or copy or information for the account of another tradesman, graphics, images, texts, photographs, use of data, software, sound tracks). This Site or any part of this Site should in no case be reproduced, copied, sold or exploited for commercial reasons without our express and written authorization. You should not use techniques allowing to copy a mark, a logo or any other information (in particular images, texts, models) of which We are owners without our express and written agreement. You should not use the meta tags or any other hidden text with our name, our brand or the companies of our group without our express and written agreement. Any unauthorized use will put an end to the licence granted. In the case of hypertexts linking other sites, we will not be held responsible for the contents of the information given on these sites after activation of these links. All texts, illustrations and photographs presented on the Site are protected by intellectual property law.

Unauthorized reproduction prohibited. 



The present contract is governed by the French Law. The present contract has been translated from French to English. In the event of possible disputes and after an attempt for an out of court settlement, the court of competent jurisdiction is expressly given in favour of WATTELEZ which can refer to any court it wants.



The respect of your private life is guaranteed in accordance with the professional ethics. WATTELEZ is also committed to honouring the law of the CNIL (French National Commission for data protection and liberties).  According to the 34th article of the French Law of January 6, 1978 you have the right to access, modify, correct and suppress all data related to you.

In accordance with the French law on Confidence in the Digital Economy (LCEN), any advertising email sent to your address will clearly be identified as advertising. Regarding the Flowall product, WATTELEZ will clearly be identified as the sender of the emails.