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Flowall: Installation advices
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Installation advices

Selecting the right wall is crucial. The temperature, the humidity, and, above all, the light are essential for the plants good health. Choose a bright place, without direct sunlight for your houseplants. Natural illumination is better than artificial light, and key to your successful vertical garden is to select plants that are adapted to your local conditions.
To install your Flowall panels, you will need a drill, a 6mm ø drill bit, a screwdriver (or a screw gun) and a level.
Flowall panels can be easily mounted thanks to the two top hooks, and the provided screws and wall-plugs.
  Mettez le panneau de niveau   Marquez les emplacements des trous   Percez les trous  
Position the panel on the wall and make sure it is straight with the level.
With a point or a pencil, mark the drill points.
Drill the holes.
  Enfoncez les chevilles   Fixez le panneau avec les vis   Vissez bien droit sans forcer  
Push the wall plugs into the holes.
Mount the Flowall panel with the two provided screws.
Screw straight into the wall plugs. Tighten the screws gently.
  To install several Flowall panels, always mount the lower panel first, and then stack the next panel by setting the panel notches on the hooks below.  
  Fixer le Flowall du bas   Faites coïncider les encoches des panneaux  
First mount the bottom panel.
Stack the next panel on top by setting the panel notches on the hooks below.
  Fixez le second Flowall   2 Flowall   3 Flowall  
Mount the second Flowall panel.
Two stacked Flowall panels.
Three stacked Flowall panels.
We provide you with standard sized wall plugs. They can be used with most types of walls. However, you might have to use alternative screws or wall plugs for some special materials (concrete, plaster mouldings, etc.), or use a support layer between the panels and the wall.

Pack of 4 Flowall kits

  Pack de 4 kits Flowall pour votre mur végétal   Lot de plantes pour mur végétal d'intérieur   Mur végétal de 4 kits Flowall  
The pack of 4 Flowall kits easily allows you to start your indoor vertical garden.
You can also buy plants on this website.
Example of a vertical garden made up of 4 Flowall kits.