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Flowall: Maintenance
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Remplissage du kit de votre mur végétal

Trop-plein du kit de votre mur végétal
  It is very easy to maintain your vertical garden Flowall: You can water each panel thanks to a special opening at the top left corner. The tank can contain up to one litre of water (33.3 fl.oz.). The water successively irrigates the 4 horizontal levels of the panel thanks to an overflow system. If need be, the excess water can be emptied at the bottom left corner with the overflow tube provided.

The built-in irrigation works thanks to the capillary action of the internal felted panel that drips water to the plants soil and roots. Special house plant liquid fertilizer should be used regularly (always respect the proportions recommended by the fertilizer manufacturer).

Watering frequency depends on the evaporation level and so it varies according to the temperatures and the season. It goes up to 3 weeks in autumn with moderate temperatures or only few days in mid summer with high temperatures. Also all the plants do no have the same needs.

Plants have to acclimate to the panel during the first weeks. This is when they are the most vulnerable. Pay special attention to each plant.

A Flowall kit contains:

  Kit Flowall pour mur végétal   Le kit de votre mur végétal comprend 16 pots   Accessoires de trop-plein et de fixation du kit de votre mur végétal  
The Flowall kit is delivered by regular mail in a package that guarantees the protection of the elements.
The package is assembled and controlled in our factory in Poissy, France.
The package contains a Flowall panel and 16 removable pots that can be clipped onto the panel.
The Flowall kit also contains two screws and two wall-plugs to mount your panel to the wall and one transparent tube for water overflow.