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The delivery will be made within the deadline stated when the order is placed, by providing the goods directly to the customer. The signature of a notice of receipt by the customer can be required. For an order with a delivery address different from the invoicing address, we recommend to check in the “delivery” section the address and phone number of the contact for this delivery. In case of an incomplete address, an incorrect address, refusal of the recipient to accept the package or lack of information making it impossible to deliver the product to the recipient on time, WATTELEZ cannot be held responsible for the final quality of this delivery. If this lack of information results in a second delivery attempt to the addressee, WATTELEZ may request that the customer pay the expenses related to this second delivery attempt.
In case the addressee is absent at the time of delivery:
If the delivery is being carried out by the regular Post: the delivery agent will leave a note of attempted delivery in the letterbox of the addressee. The addressee should then come to collect it at the address shown on the note. If the delivery is being carried out by private transport firms: the delivery agent should contact the addressee on a portable or fixed line telephone that is confirmed by the person placing the order at the time of the order. If there is no response, the delivery agent will identify the best solution making it possible to complete the delivery in the best conditions and will leave a not of attempted delivery.
In case the addressee is absent and the package is set aside, WATTELEZ cannot be held responsible for the final quality of the delivery if the addressee is slow to collect his package from the office concerned. Any complaint regarding the quantity, the content or the condition of the package should be notified directly to the transport firm on the delivery form and sent to us within the 7 days following the reception of the package (to the address given above, by phone or email via the contact form on the website). In case of delayed delivery in comparison to the date indicated when the order has been placed, please contact our customer service to open a delivery inquiry with the transport firm concerned. To register a complaint with the customer service, please give us your phone number and address, your invoice number or your order number, the references of the product(s) written on the invoice and precise the reasons of the complaint using the contact form available on the website or by regular mail:
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