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Flowall: The Flowall® kit
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  Kit pour confection de mur végétal   Kit pour mur végétal avec 16 pots   Pot XL pour kit de mur végétal  
The Flowall has been conceived to simplify the installation and the upkeep of a vertical garden.
It can be mounted to the wall in only few minutes.
See the installation advice
Flowall is composed of a rectangular panel (420 mm x 400 mm) and 16 removable pots irrigated by a unique built-in irrigation system.
A full reservoir allows the plants to be irrigated for up to 6 weeks.
Flowall is watertight. No moisture on the wall.
Flowall is patented under No. 0300471.
See the irrigation system
Extra large pots are available for plants requiring more space for their roots.
See the XL pot
  Cadre Flowall pour tableau végétal   5 coloris de kits pour votre mur végétal  
Also available are Flowall frames that will transform your vertical garden into a beautiful shadowbox.
See the frames
The Flowall kit is available in 5 different colours.

A Flowall kit contains:

  Kit Flowall pour mur végétal   Le kit de votre mur végétal comprend 16 pots   Accessoires de trop-plein et de fixation du kit de votre mur végétal  
Le Flowall kit is delivered by regular mail in a package that guarantees the protection of the elements.
The package is assembled and controlled in our factory in Poissy, France.
The package contains a Flowall panel and 16 removable pots that can be clipped on the panel.
The Flowall kit also contains two screws and two wall-plugs to mount your panel to the wall and one transparent tube for water overflow.