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Flowall: Potting
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The choice of the plants is as important as the place the flowall kit will be installed. Right format indoor plants are suitable for Flowall green wall. You can fist install plants on units or on the contrary install the units on the wall first. The choice is yours.
See the list of plants we recommend.
  Déballez le Flowall   Regroupez les plantes   Dépotez la plante  
Unpack the Flowall, take the stand, the pots and the wicks.
Gather the 16 plants you bought. You can found them at your usual store. You can also order on this site a batch of 16 plants or particular plants individually.
Remove your plant from its pot.
  Mettez la plante dans un pot Flowall   Tassez légèrement la terre   Emboîtez le pot sur le module  
Take a Flowall pot and place a wick, letting one of the end stick out.
Place your plant inside the pot. Take off some soil or complete with loam according to the case. Slightly tamp down (but the soil doesn't have to be too compact).
Place the rest of the wick inbetween the stand and the felt and then install the pot on the unit twitching on the sides to fit.
  Emboîtez le pot sur le module   Emboîtez le pot sur le module   Répétez l'opération  
Repeat the process for the other plants.
  Pot XL   Posez d'obord le pot XL sur le support Flowall   Posez d'obord le pot XL sur le support Flowall  
It is possible to install bigger plants thanks to the XL pot.
In this case we advise you to put the XL pot on the Flowall stand first.
  Installez la plante   Prêt à être fixé au mur      
And then to install the plant.
It is now ready to be installed on the wall.
See the installation advice

The Flowall frame

  Cadre Flowall pour tableau végétal   Plusieurs coloris de cadre pour votre tableau végétal   Cadre incolore à peindre pour votre tableau végétal  
We also offer frames. They turn your Flowall into a genuine living piece of art.
Several colours available.
You can also order our ready-to-paint version, so that you can paint the frame yourself with the colour of your choice.