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Flowall: The XL pot
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New! The Flowall Extra large pot:

Thanks to the XL pot you can now fit plants of any size in your vertical garden Flowall.
With a volume of more than one litre (33.3 fl.oz.), the XL pot allows you to diversify the plants on your wall or in your frame.

Moreover, the XL pot is modular taking up either 2 slots (391 cm³/13.2 fl.oz.) or expandable to 4 slots (1,104 cm³/37.3 fl.oz.) for larger plants. That makes 3 available pot sizes including the standard pot (91 cm³/3 fl.oz.).You can now fit all the plants you want in your vertical garden.
  Pot XL pour mur végétal  
  Pot XL vert foncé pour mur végétal Flowall   Pot XL noir pour mur végétal Flowall    
Dark green XL pot
Black XL pot
  Pot XL blanc pour mur végétal Flowall   Pot XL vert tilleul pour mur végétal Flowall   Pot XL terra cota pour mur végétal Flowall  
White XL pot
Lime green XL pot
Terra cotta XL pot

The XL pot kit includes:

  Kit pot XL pour mur végétal   Pot XL pour mur végétal   Pot XL sur kit mur végétal d'intérieur  
Le XL pot is delivered by regular mail in a package that guarantees the protection of the elements. The XL pot is assembled and controlled in our factory in Poissy, France.
The XL pot is made of 2 pieces.
The lower part can be used alone.
Example of a complete XL pot installed on the Flowall. It takes up 4 spots on the panel.