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Qui sommes-nous ? : Flowall

About us

Flowall vertical garden is developped, produced and distributed by the WATTELEZ cie.

For more than 100 years, "WATTELEZ, l'élastomère industriel" has mastered the rubber and themoplastics properties to offer products of great quality to professionnals and general public. The company is now offering its technical skills, reliable and fast production ablities to a wide range of customers.

Thanks to its experience our company is able to workout functional, inexpensive and effective products, working on its own or in collaboration with the customers' design departments or research and development services.

AFrom formulation of elastomer mixes to vulcanization or recycling rubber, WATTELEZ is able to imagine products fitting perfectly the customer's needs. Thanks to its powerfull equipment WATTELEZ can deliver mass production standard or on demand products.

Now WATTELEZ is releasing its latest innovation: FLOWALL, the vertical garden.