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Flowall: Testimonials


I've had my 8-unit green wall in my living room for 6 months now and it never fails to impress. I installed it on a marine laminated wood panel, 4 holes in the wall instead of 16, simply perfect!
The installation took me no more than 5 minutes and 1 hour later I had filled my Flowall with plants. Flowall plants are really big and they're far cheaper than in garden shops... Don't forget to put a bag underneath during watering though, especially if you've got parquet floor like I do, because even if you pay extra attention, you always put a little bit on the floor. I've put a small tray filled with white gravel underneath, which adds up to the peaceful and natural side of the product.

We are really happy with our living wall (168x60cm)! 3 months ago we chose 8 dark green Flowall kits and 8 different sets of plants. It looks great and it totally transformed the atmosphere of our living room. Our green wall is the first thing that our friends notice when they come home and some of them even decided to get one as well. Moreover, as we know plants help to get rid of pollution, we feel safer having 96 in the middle of our flat! We spend 30 minutes every 2 weeks for maintenance and everything is perfectly fine!

Well even if I claim myself to be a neophyte (that's an understatement!), I'm really happy with it. Everything is fine!!! But you should offer a kind of "follow-up" like: you could put that new plant to replace your old one, etc. But all in all I have to say that I'm very pleased with your service, the product and the plants.
Great idea, well done


Delivery went perfectly well: delays were even shorter than expected; packaging was very good as well thanks.
The number and quality of plants were more than fair.
I don't have anything else to say.
We are very satisfied with the order we made.


I've got one thing to say: great! I'm delighted about it. I now have 3 flowalls: one green, one white and one brick-red + 2 frames: one is bright green and the other one was white but I painted it brown.
The brick-red frame is the one I like a bit less: I can't wait to discover your new products!



We are very satisfied about our order. The stands are really practical et easy to install. All our plants acclimated very well. They are beautiful.
Thank you for the quick delivery and for the perfect quality.
Your reliability and your products are remarkable and we won't hesitate to speak about you.

Thanks again for your service

Dear Sir, Madam,

I did not take the time to leave a comment. In fact, this product is very easy to install, I'm delighted with the result, and I'm even going to say that it's marvelous for a plant lover like me. I just wanted to know whether it was possible, in case of an installation of several frames, to adapt the pipe of the upper frame to the lower frame, this way the watering would be easier, because as the plants grow it's getting difficult to access them. This way there would be only one watering entry, but that's just an idea.
That being said, thank you for having made such a fantastic product, with which we have the feeling that nature becomes wild again, well done!!

PS: you will find attached a picture of the result


The delivery was very quick and satisfactory.
The installation is easy and quick.

I changed the initial layout of the plants because I noticed that some needed less water than others.
I also applied a special PVC paint and repainted everything with the initial colour of the stand.
The plants are hardy.

I'm a painter and I'm planning to install a living wall in a hair salon.
My order was a test. The test was passed.
When this project will materialize, I will place an order (in july). I have not taken any picture of my installation yet, I will send you one as soon as I do.



Your concept is simply great!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately, some social categories are not concerned yet, because there is not enough publicity and communication and we all believe that only companies or people of a certain social category can afford a green wall.
I'm not from a top social category, but every year, I indulge myself just like those people do...
Lol two years ago, I decided to offer myself a Birman cat (800 euros) lol. It's just a cat but what an exceptional cat (beauty + grace)!!!
And this year it was Flowall!!!
I love it, it's great and everybody can afford it!!! Thank you for this!!!
I have a few ideas concerning your living walls, as well as on the way to commercialize them!!!

Flowerbox is not bad either, but honestly your are better on certain points like accessibility, as well as wall transformation, evolutions and others!!!
You will find attached pics of my Flowall, but I ordered the plants at a flower shop (personal choice).

I hope I will receive some news from you very soon, thanks again for your concept, every day I feel great when I come home and see my wall. It allows me to find a certain peace in a cruel world...

Nothing is better than nature... Which means animals and plants!

Peace, peace, peace,

Madame, Monsieur,

je n'ai pas pris le temps de vous écrire en effet, ce produit est d'une installation trés facile, je suis ravi du resultat, même je vais vous dire c'est une vrai merveille moi l'amoureux des plantes.
je voulai juste savoir si il n'était pas possible en cas d'installation de plusieurs cadres d'adapter la vidange du cadre supérieur a l'entrée du cadre inférieur ainsi l'arosage serai faciliter , car les plantes poussant l'accès est plus difficile. comme cela il n'y aurai qu'une entrée d'arrosage, mais bon c'est juste une idée.
Ceci dis merci vraiment d'avoir realisé un produit aussi fantastique, ou l'on a l'impréssion que la nature redeviens sauvage, Bravo!!!

PS: je vous envoie une photo du résultat

Je n'i qu'une chose à dire : génial ! je suis toujours aussi ravie. J'en suis à 3 tableaux : un vert, un blanc et un couleur brique + 2 cadres : un vert clair et un blanc que j'ai peint en marron.
J'aime un peu moins le rendu avec le cadre couleur brique :-(((
J'attends toutes vos nouveautés avec impatience.


Nous sommes très satisfaits de notre achat. Les supports sont très pratiques et faciles à monter.
Les plantes ont toutes très bien prises dans les petits bacs, elles sont très belles.
Nous vous remercions de l'envoi rapide et de parfaite qualité.
Votre sérieux et vos produits sont remarquables et nous n'hésiterons pas à vous faire connaitre.

Merci encore de votre service.