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espaceur Les végétaux de votre mur végétal


Almost all house plants can be used in your Flowall vertical garden. Thanks to the several pots sizes we propose, you can buy a very large choice of plants in your favourite shops (in addition, we sell a selection of plants especially adapted to the Flowall kits on this web site).

During the first weeks, the plant has to acclimate to the panel. Then it will develop its roots and its leaves (new leaves is a sign of good health). At that point, a plant is very fragile and requires attention. Make sure to check all your plants regularly.

Plants are delicate. Small problems with lighting, watering, humidity or temperature can quickly do a lot of harm. Plant requirements also depend on each species (for example, brackens need high humidity while dracaenas do well in dry air.) Also, watch out for poor conditions and choose a place well adapted to your plants.

Plants are not ungrateful. In exchange for your care, most of them are able to clean the air in your home. This is through the phenomenon of phytoremediation. In addition to recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis, the plants can significantly clean up the air in our homes by removing many harmful organic compounds (See the many studies carried out into this topic, more particularly the work of Dr B.C. Wolverton or of the French association Plant'aipur : the depolluting house plants table).

The stars indicate the level of difficulty according to the usual house conditions: *difficult, **easy, ***very easy
Anthurium pour mur végétal intérieur

Eviter les excès d'eau. Beaucoup de lumière est nécessaire pour voir naître de nouvelles inflorescences.

Asparagus pour mur végétal intérieur

The aesthetic appeal depends on the species. Very tough under bad conditions. Requires a lot of water.

Asplenium pour mur végétal intérieur

Requires humidity, quite a lot of water and light. Likes moderate temperatures.

Several species with succulent leaves, and more or less flowers. Requires a lot of light. Good sun and heat tolerance. Does not need much water and can adapt to dry air.

Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera)**
Very resistant. Requires watering only when it's dry. And it likes bright but indirect light.

Requires moist soil, very high humidity, and low light intensity. It needs moderate temperatures.

Requires regular watering. The ideal conditions are low humidity and bright indirect light.

Croton (Codiaeum)*
Does not require too much water or heat. Likes high humidity. Mist daily if possible.

Requires bright light but does not need much water. Enjoys high humidity, so mist the plant regularly.
Dracaena pour mur végétal intérieur

Several species available. Not very demanding plants. Tough under poor conditions.

Several different species available. It appreciates bright light and regular watering. Mist regularly. Smaller plants are fragile.

Fittonia (mosaic plant)**
Easy to grow. Several colours available. Requires a large amount of water, a very humid atmosphere and bright light.
Fougère pour mur végétal intérieur
Requires humid soil all year long. Mist very regularly, needs a humid and fresh atmosphere. Does not require much light.

Requires a lot of water and bright light. Mist very regularly. Needs humidity and does not like cold weather.
  Kalanchoé pour mur végétal intérieur

Pretty resistant succulent plant. Requires little water and bright light. Very resistant to droughts and high temperatures.

Ivy (Hedera)**
Requires little water, moist soil. Mist very regularly. Likes humidity. Prefers moderate temperatures.

Spiderwort (Tradescantia)***
Several species available. Pretty resistant, trailing plant. Grows well in poor conditions. Requires little light and water.

Requires a lot of humidity and water. Mist regularly. Needs little light.
Pepperomia pour mur végétal intérieur

Besoin de peu d'eau et d'humidité. Ne craint pas les températures hautes.
Chlorophytum pour mur végétal intérieur

Spider plant (Chlorophytum)***
Resistant and easy to grow. Trailing plant, requires minimum care. Needs lots of water.
Philodendron pour mur végétal intérieur

Climbing plant. Enjoys heat and humidity. Requires moist soil. Very resistant.

Scindapsus pour mur végétal intérieur

Pothos (Scindapsus)***
Easy to grow. Requires little water and bright light. Can adapt to dry air.

Succulent plant. Requires little water and humidity. Enjoys bright light and sun.

Resistant succulent plant. Requires very little water.

Requires little water and bright light.
Spathiphyllum pour mur végétal intérieur

Requires regular watering and little humidity. Needs bright light.

Requires low temperatures, high humidity or mist and water regularly. Needs minimum light.

Grape Ivy (Cissus)**
Same needs as Ivy. A little bit less water and more light.


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