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Black Flowall kit x4

This pack contains four 420x400mm Flowall kits, that can be put together to create a big 840x800mm or 1680x400mm board, and four XL pots.
A Flowall kit contains one 420x400mm Flowall wall panel, 12 removable pots, 2 removable L pots, 16 wicks, 2 screws and 2 wall-plugs, and an instruction leaflet including our advice on using the wall garden.
Discount included in this pack is 20%.

195,26 €    img
Flowall is designed to simplify the installation and the maintenance of a vertical garden. It can be fixed on a wall in a few minutes.

Flowall is a rectangular panel holding 16 pots, watered by only one integrated system. Fill the tank up and your plants will be irrigated for to 2 weeks. Flowall is watertight. No moisture on the wall. Flowall is patented under No. 0300471.
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